Precision audio ripping with abcde

I was recently offered a pair of AKG K702 cans, and decided to make sure my audio sources were up to par.
This prompted me to re-encode parts of my audio library using the lossless FLAC encoding, as opposed to WMA/MP3 192kbps earlier.

I thus needed a ripper/encoder, and decided to go for abcde:

$ echo "media-sound/abcde ~amd64" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
$ echo "media-sound/abcde aac cdparanoia flac id3tag lame musicbrainz replaygain vorbis" >> /etc/portage/package.use
$ emerge -av media-sound/abcde

Then following the advice found here, I went ahead and checked the required read offset for my drive:

$ emerge -av sys-fs/lsscsi
$ lsscsi | grep -F 'cd/dvd'
# look up the read offset for the drive in the list at:

I then tweaked the configuration in ~/.abcde.conf:

# ~/.abcde.conf: abcde configuration file

# Actions to take: do the replaygain step (disabled by default)

# Default to FLAC encoding

# Customize the filename format

# Don't translate spaces to underscores in filenames
mungefilename ()
	echo "$@" | sed s,:,\ -,g | tr / _ | tr -d \'\"\?\[:cntrl:\]

# Prepend a leading 0 to track # even with < 10 tracks

# Preserve relative volume differences between the tracks of an album

# Run on at most 5 cores

# Set read offset according to
# Use `lsscsi` to identify the drive

# Put the temporary .wav files on /tmp (SSD-backed)

# Open the tray after ripping
# Close the tray before ripping
pre_read ()
	eject -t

Note that most (all?) configuration options can be found in /etc/abcde/abcde.conf along with a brief description.

And then the magic:

$ abcde

The drive read offset may cause cdparanoia to spew out quite a lot of SCSI errors at the end of the last track, but the output file still seems to be fine.
However, let’s double-check against the AccurateRip database for safety. There is an script found at Hydrogen Audio which checks a FLAC-encoded album against the AccurateRip database.
First let’s comment the CDPARANOIAOPTS entry in the abcde configuration, rip a CD and check it using

$ ./ Pink_Floyd-The_Dark_Side_of_the_Moon.INACCURATE/
Checking AccurateRip database

Track   Ripping Status          [Disc ID: 000f8f74-760a110a]
 1      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [84dc4e66] [18823f25]
 2      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [61022134] [d55869e9]
 3      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [627e3310] [a7c577ce]
 4      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [177232d3] [7698149c]
 5      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [87b85a58] [a745c453]
 6      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [f0e8d520] [58073ba7]
 7      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [15e08776] [364c9aab]
 8      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [f12f4bf2] [5851c3b1]
 9      ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [def0efff] [f759de20]
 10     ** Rip not accurate **   (confidence -56)    [24bbe552] [73924ffd]
Your CD disc is possibly a different pressing to the one(s) stored in AccurateRip.
Track(s) Accurately Ripped: 0
**** Track(s) Not Ripped Accurately: 10 ****
Track(s) Not in Database: 0

Ouch. Now with the read offset in CDPARANOIAOPTS:

$ ./ "Pink Floyd/The Dark Side of the Moon/"
Pink Floyd/The Dark Side of the Moon/:2962344:7476420:9939552:18230352:12527340:16899120:20692896:9103416:9996000:5847660:
Checking AccurateRip database

Track   Ripping Status          [Disc ID: 000f8f74-760a110a]
 1      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 86)  [ca4ccf0a]
 2      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [c8891a92]
 3      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 86)  [3aee1393]
 4      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [4b37d200]
 5      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [e7be89df]
 6      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [6a5c6bb8]
 7      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [0fa68472]
 8      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [e22f112d]
 9      Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [e6bfb1a9]
 10     Accurately Ripped  (confidence 85)  [598e31e2]
All Tracks Accurately Ripped.


Off to ripping my whole library now. :)

3 thoughts on “Precision audio ripping with abcde

  1. Many thanks for this article – it was a great help!!! I’m a keen fan of abcde now – thanks to you :-)!!!

  2. This helped me today ;)

    I tried whipper and its predecessor but seems that abcde with a hint from this post is producing just the same Accurately Ripped files!

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