Re-parenting widgets with Tk’s [pack]

Just a short post about re-parenting widgets in Tcl/Tk, using the [pack] geometry manager. Short because the solution is simple (and documented), but I couldn’t find it easily since I did not correctly understand the problem I was having. So, I wanted to move a widget .frame.widget packed in a frame .frame into a sub-frame […]

WiFi on Gentoo using a RTL8192CU wireless adapter

I’m trying to set up a wifi network interface on my Gentoo box, using a Realtek RTL8192CU wireless adapter. After poking in the kernel configuration menu, I activated the following items: Networking support > Wireless (CONFIG_WIRELESS) Networking support > Wireless > cfg80211 – wireless configuration API (CONFIG_CFG80211) Networking support > Wireless > enable powersave by […]