Re-parenting widgets with Tk’s [pack]

Just a short post about re-parenting widgets in Tcl/Tk, using the [pack] geometry manager. Short because the solution is simple (and documented), but I couldn’t find it easily since I did not correctly understand the problem I was having. So, I wanted to move a widget .frame.widget packed in a frame .frame into a sub-frame […]

GNU patch and end-of-file newline (or lack thereof)

So I was trying to version bump the ebuild for dev-tcltk/tcllib-1.15-r1 into dev-tcltk/tcllib-1.16 (I needed tcl::chan::string 1.0.2 instead of 1.0.1). tcllib comes with a cartload of man pages, some of which have names which conflict with Tcl ones. Thus, as is the case for dev-tcltk/tcllib-1.15-r1, I needed to remove/rename them in the ebuild. Those that […]

Fossil admin password

When cloning a repository with the Fossil SCM, the fossil command-line tool outputs something along these lines: admin-user: quentin (password is “1fa55b”) I wondered whether I needed to note down yet another password, and what it was required for. So I googled a bit, and it turns out (from the Password Management page in the […]