I’m Quentin, a.k.a. laomaiweng, software developer in the space industry by day and free software contributor by night.
That is, when I’m not busying myself with my family, friends, or shamelessly wasting time on some random computer game.

I’m the document-and-automate type, and I particularly hate being faced with an issue I know I solved in the past but can’t remember how. This blog is my attempt to dump some of the ephemeral knowledge that commutes in and out of my head, for future reference (and in the unlikely event that its contents may be of help to anybody).

You can reach me through the icons at the bottom of this page, or on IRC as laomaiweng (@ freenode, OFTC). #gentoo, #bash and #tcl are the places I call home.


0f5f 912c are the last digits of my GPG key fingerprint.

(the favicon for this blog) is the Tibetan letter za, which happens to have been assigned Unicode code point U+0F5F.

This blog uses the Decode theme by Scott Smith.

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