Precision audio ripping with abcde

I was recently offered a pair of AKG K702 cans, and decided to make sure my audio sources were up to par. This prompted me to re-encode parts of my audio library using the lossless FLAC encoding, as opposed to WMA/MP3 192kbps earlier. I thus needed a ripper/encoder, and decided to go for abcde: $ […]

Un-bricking Debian: apt-get crash in non-critical packages

I’ve got an old Asus Eee netbook that I run Debian on, since as much as I love Gentoo, I wouldn’t want to compile anything on that Atom N280 – and I’m too lazy to setup distcc. Unfortunately, the beast tends to fall victim to chronic MCEs, almost systematically in the course of apt-get operation. […]

GNU patch and end-of-file newline (or lack thereof)

So I was trying to version bump the ebuild for dev-tcltk/tcllib-1.15-r1 into dev-tcltk/tcllib-1.16 (I needed tcl::chan::string 1.0.2 instead of 1.0.1). tcllib comes with a cartload of man pages, some of which have names which conflict with Tcl ones. Thus, as is the case for dev-tcltk/tcllib-1.15-r1, I needed to remove/rename them in the ebuild. Those that […]